I feel like I got launched from last month's post straight to this one!  The month has gone by so fast.   Lets do this.   This Saturday it is my pleasure to play a 12:00 pm slot at the 2017 Rocket City Pride CommUNITY Festival.    After that I will be enjoying the atmosphere at Huntsville's 805 campus.  If you haven't been there yet check it out.  One of the coolest entertainment multi-venue's I've seen in Huntsville.   Or anywhere else for that matter.

Also check out AM Booth's Lumberyard.    If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you have already seen a few things about this place.   The atmosphere is one of a kind, the layout is one of a kind, and the staff are service industry vets you have known for years if you are a Huntsville native.  

While you are here on this web site check out the new shows on Soundcloud.   I usually don't post shows as long as the Black Tie for Pride event, but I hope you like it and give my buddies at Free2Be some love.  If you are looking for live sounds n video I have that up and some performance video from the past few years. 

Over the next month I'll be doing some work with Luis Trevino's Los Tres Amigos in the backup slot.    Los Tres Amigos play Mariachi and Latin jazz and it is a blast to do these gigs.   Over the years I've sung in German, Latin, Italian, French, but I have never sung in Spanish.   The Mariachi tradition is one of passionate devotion to icons like the great Vicente Fernandez and the Tejano sound is bedrock for the southwestern US.  I'll be posting more about this tradition in the future.

There will be more going on with the lessons, more video to take home and study, more online offerings, more group lessons, and advice about training for the gig you want to play, whether it is a jam with friends, an open mic, or you want to hit the road with your band.  I want to see you succeed, so I am always thinking about things we can do to prepare you! 

As for my own music, new things are being written, more on the way!    See you guys soon...







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