Instruction Policy and Information 

Video lessons via Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangout are now available.  Email me for details!  Video lessons can provide even greater schedule flexibility in the comfort of your own home.  

Monthly Lesson tuition:   Upon sign up all fees except the a la cart option will be auto-deducted on the 20th of the month for the following month (using the Square app.)    Square is the easy to pay app that many merchants you frequent are already using. 

Examples of typical rates, varies with location and lesson plan.   Message me at for details.

$110 for four 30 minute one on one lessons 
$110 for four one hour group lessons (small ensemble) 
$120 for four 30 minute private lessons-month to month (no auto deduct). 
$140 for four 45-minute private lessons.  Better value for more serious students. 
$170 for four one hour private lessons   Better value for more serious students! 
$170 for combination of four one hour groups/ensemble AND four 30 minute private lessons.  Better value! 

FREE Access to blog, web site and other online resources, including remote assistance in between lessons where needed.  Details will be discussed during lesson. 

Ask about the discounts available when paying for three months at a time.

Private lessons are usually scheduled once per week. Hour lessons can be split into two 30-minute lessons per week. 

Many topics can be covered in music lessons with me.  I try to be flexible and accommodate both the music that the student wants to learn and the time that the student has during the week to practice and study.  Just as no two students are exactly the same, the recipe for time spent and information covered can vary greatly from student to student.  We will discuss your goals and come up with a plan that we can build on as we go.  The most important thing is to spend sufficient time practicing during the week.  An appropriate lesson plan should be compatible with your goals and available time, and communication is very important so that I (or any other instructor) knows what it is you are trying to accomplish and how the weekly work is going.  Having said that the plan can and probably will change at least a little bit as you learn more about what is possible for you, especially if you are new to music lessons.  The most important things are to stay with it and do what you can! 

Tuition for the month using the month to month option (no auto deduct) is due on the 20th. This reserves a spot and assures a place on the schedule.  I give make up priority to those who pay on time and practice regularly.  

Without 24 hour notice I cannot guarantee a makeup lesson. Medical or family emergencies are exceptions. With prior notice, particularly during vacation times or around school events, rescheduled lessons are usually not a problem. 

As you know, there is a necessary commitment of time and energy to see and hear progress. We will discuss a practice routine that is consistent with your expectations and goals. No less than four days of practice per week (other than the lesson) and at least one 25-minute session or two 20-minute sessions of diligent focused practice on the lesson material on those days is expected to see any progress. As you learn more and begin to have more fun you'll likely want to play more. Continue with the lesson material but play as much as you like! 

Every student is different, and my goal is to work with your own musical goals and learning style. Expectations by both the teacher and the student should be clearly understood. We'll go over this in detail during the lessons and record what we agree to in a notebook.  I will do my best to see that you learn what you want and need, and I will do my best to see that you understand what you need to do to reach your goals. 

What you will need for each lesson: 

        Device (Phone, tablet or laptop you will using for lessons) and/or a 3-ring folder or binder
        Loose leaf paper, preferably college ruled. 
        Tuner/Metronome.  I recommend the clip-on variety or an app on your device. 
        Music books (to be decided).  A Dropbox or Google Drive account for digital handouts will help. 
        "Can do" attitude! :-) 
        An amp, cable, and music stand will be provided. 

For best results, set up a "work station" at home. This is space dedicated to practice and the guitar. It should be quiet and free of distractions. It should have your music stand at arms reach and eye level, your music player within arms reach and your amplifier nearby (if you use one).  We will discuss the work station more in lessons and you can read about it in my student forum blog.   Watch the instruction photo gallery for ideas. 

What you will need at home for your practice space: 

      Music Stand 
      Music player 
      Device, notebook/binder, lesson book. 
      Amplifier (if you have one) 

We can do some work remotely.   Email me with questions during the week and keep track of your practice time, thoughts, and ideas in your music notebook or on your device so we can refer to that in lesson if we don't address it during the week.  This remote assistance is included in the cost of lessons and we will discuss the specifics when we meet.  I can also help you wade through the sometimes confusing sea of online information and Youtube videos. 

Email me at and we can set up the first lesson or a free consult with no strings attached. 

See you soon!