Basic questionnaire for new students.

This is so I can assess your needs and goals and match you up with a suitable curriculum. Looking forward to helping you become the musician you want to be!   




1) Tell me a little more about you or your child’s musical background.  If child, what age and grade?  If it’s you and you are over 18 a ballpark number is all I need.   Circle or check anything that applies and give a short description where you need or want to.  Feel free to write on the back if necessary.  


2) What is your performance/rehearsal experience?  What instruments do you play, and what is your instructional background and training-private lessons, music school etc? How recent?


I perform already at the professional level.


I am a frequent amateur level performer


Sight reading?


A lot of music but new to guitar.  What instruments?


I’ve taken music classes but I have no experience on an instrument


I love music but I haven’t played.


Nothing, I’m not sure what this is all about yet but I’m curious





3) What music have you seen and heard?  Who around you plays (check any that apply)

-Family members?


-I’ve seen live performances?

-I watch TV, movies or Youtube.  If yes which ones (short list)?



4) What type of playing do you want to do?   Live performance. Youtube/Vimeo performance.  Recording/studio sessions.  Jams with friends or family.  Privately for family and/or friends.   By self, for self.


5) What type of music do you listen to?  Is this what you’d like to play?



6) How much time do you think you have during the week to practice and play right now?  I understand that this can change.



7) What is your tech experience and what devices do you use right now, including desktop computers, laptops, phones?  Droid or iOS?


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