Los Angeles trip, June 2016

Hey everyone!   Just wanted to drop a quick post on you guys.  It's Sunday in Northridge (California) and I just finished the travel day two travel video from this L.A. trip which I will upload to both my Youtube and Vimeo pages.  I hit Tulsa at the end of travel day one, and started the video on Thursday, the next day.   What am I doing on this trip?  I talk a bit about that in the video but it's to hang with my team for my manager Keith's birthday and lay some serious groundwork for my next record.   That video is uploading as I type.   Saw a lot of empty space, grabbed a new road food from a company called Pearson Ranch, saw a spectacular Texas Thunderstorm west of Amarillo and Dyers Barbecue, which is a regular stop for me and got to Albuquerque around midnight.  Finally got to see a few of my Facebook friends in real life as well!   More on all this soon...




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