July 17, 2017

Hey there! Thank you for dropping by this page and joining me on this journey.  Nice summer eve on the front porch here, not too muggy and Alice in Chains is keeping me company on this laptop as I type.  That masterpiece Facelift, in case you are wondering which album. 

I have some dates to share with you!   I'll be in Decatur at Bank Street Grill Friday, July 28 and back in Huntsville at Amendment XXI Wednesday August 2.   If you are not already on the mailing list and want to get updates you can do that here.   I'll be posting dates on the calendar also. 

I'm tweaking the set as always so you can hear the things you already know and hear some new material.  We had a good time at Amendment XXI this past Wednesday, I hope to catch you at Bank Street or back there on the 2nd. 

It's great to see you when you make it out, however long you can stay. 

New material is getting tweaked as well, I'll have a few new songs from the next album mixed in with the familiar songs. 

Looking forward to getting out and singing for you!




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