News for the end of March

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by the page!  I have a few quick updates for you and some of the latest links.  


There's a show up on Soundcloud, my set from the Rocket Republic "F**k Cancer" benefit from last October.  Rocket Republic is a quality microbrew out in Madison.  Worth a trip, say hey to Dave and all the folks out there if you get by.   You may have already heard that show if you are following here.  Clint Brown played congas on that one.  On the way are two more shows that I am mixing on the Macbook.  I'll post those soon.  I also posted a couple more things with Lucy Thomas if you are following the Blake and Lucy music.  These are older recordings.   You can click the Soundcloud tab to the left to get to all of that.   Let me know if you can't for any reason.

Working on material for the next record, Pennsylvania is one I am excited about. Can't wait for you to hear it!  Other working titles include 'Strange Kind of Fascination', 'Bury Me', 'Wishing (On A Saturday Night)' with a few more on the way.  If you've been following this page there are a couple of co-writes in the next batch of songs, I'm hoping to get the co-writers involved in the recording.   Everybody should hear Lucy sing the one she co-wrote, tentatively titled 'Wings'.   Always glad for the support of Keith and Eric at Persistent Management over yonder on the west coast (way over yonder).  


Gotta run, catch you soon!




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